The story of Restoration Church starts with West Side Church of Yakima, WA.  West Side Church was planted in Yakima in 1953 by a small group of believers.  Over the past 60 years, they have adopted a multiplication method of evangelism, where believers multiply believers, leaders multiply leaders, pastors multiply pastors, and churches multiply churches. 

In 2000, the elders at West Side began conversations on different methods in reaching the Yakima Valley, thus beginning steps toward church planting. 

West Side commissioned it's first daughter church in 2003, Sun Valley Church, in East Valley.  Sun Valley is active today, with a growing attendance. 

In spring of 2009, West Side launched it's second daughter church, Harvest Community Church, planted in the community of Selah.  Harvest has continued to grow in the Selah community.  Both Harvest and Sun Valley have served as a great example of the mother / daughter church planting model. 

In 2011, West Side began seeking God's direction about what their next church plant would look like.  After much prayer and consideration, the elders determined that planting in the heart of Yakima, the downtown area, would be the next strategic location for planting a church. 

Kevin Deyette was identified as the church planter.  Kevin served in the downtown area in the previous 7 years at Madison House, and was also a part of the Harvest Community Church plant. 

In fall of 2012, Restoration Church began recruiting mission-minded believers to join their launch team.  In spring of 2013, soft launch services began for Restoration Church in the downtown area, with the church officially launching on May 5th.