Victory After Defeat

June 29, 2014 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Be Strong

Passage: Joshua 8:1–8:35

Title: Victory After Defeat
Text: Joshua 8:1-35
Description: Coming off their first defeat, a humiliating one at that in Ai, the big question is how will Joshua and the Israelites respond? We all will suffer defeat in our lives. The temptation we face is to allow defeat to frustrate us, discourage us, and become permanent. In Joshua 8, we learn God's principles to bring victory after a defeat.


1.  God gives re-assurance of His presence (v1-2)
2.  Joshua and the Israelites re-engage the enemey who defeated them (v3-29)
     A. They use a different strategy (v4-8)
     B. The people were united (v1, 3, 9)
3.  The people remembered God's covenenat love and relationship with them (v30-35)

- “Life, like war, is a series of mistakes, and he is not the best Christian or the best general who makes the fewest mistakes…but he is the best who wins the most splendid victories by the retrieval of mistakes. Forget mistakes; organise victories out of mistakes.” -F. W. Robertson #NotFinished

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