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The Danger of Common Sense

July 6, 2014 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Be Strong

Passage: Joshua 9:1–9:27

Title: The Danger of Common Sense
Text: Joshua 9:1-27
Description: There are definately times when we make implicit, rebellous choices- choices where we say God, I don't care what you say, I'm gonna do what I want.  But more often than nought, we make more subtle but equally destructive decisions by putting too much trust in ourselves. In chapter 9- we will hear about the Danger of Common Sense.


  1. The Gibeonite Deception (v3-13)
  2. The Problem with Common Sense (v14-15)
  3. The Concern for God's Honor (v16-27)

- It isn’t about asking the wrong questions, it’s about asking the wrong person.  #Pray!

- Fulfilling our promises has nothing to do with how well someone else keeps theirs.  #KeepYourWord

- The truth is not advice on how not to sin or how to avoid being deceived ever again. The truth is a person named Jesus who is ready to forgive and powerful enough to transform.  #Truth #Jesus #Faith

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