Something Worth Fighting For

August 17, 2014 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Be Strong

Passage: Joshua 22:1–22:34

Title: Something Worth Fighting For
Text: Joshua 22:1-34
Description: As the battles of the conquest come to an end- Joshua releases the eastern tribes to head back to their lands east of the Jordan river. But upon their return, a conflict arises between the western and eastern tribes regarding an altar the eastern tribes built on the bank of the Jordan river. Ready to rest after 7 long years of battle, something about this altar is worth the western tribes preparing to fight against their brothers in the eastern tribes. Listen as we learn from Israel to determine what was worth fighting for, both in their day and ours.


  • Eastern Tribes Commended and Commanded (v1-9)
  • Eastern Tribes Breach of Worship (v10-12)
  • Western Tribes Confrontation (v13-20)
  • Eastern Tribes Explanation (v21-29)
  • Satisfying Solution (v30-34

"Joshua 22 declares that it is truth that unifies the people of God. Apart from truth, there can be no unity."

Something worth fighting for:

  • The GOSPEL!
  • Faithfulness to the gospel
  • The gospel for future generations

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