Remember God's Faithfulness

August 24, 2014 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Be Strong

Passage: Joshua 23:1–23:16

Title: Remember God's Faithfulness
Text: Joshua 23
Description: The book of Joshua, as well as Joshua's life, are coming to a close. Joshua, as with many other leaders in the bible, prepare to give his last words, his final charge to Israel. Before addressing the entire congregation in chapter 24, Joshua is going to address the leaders in chapter 23. Joshua's message is simple- Remember God's Faithfulness. Joshua believes that if Israel will remember God's faithfulness, that Israel will remain faithful to God. Listen as we hear Joshua's charge to the leaders in how they are to respond to God's faithfulness.


Remember God's Faithfulness.

Because of God's Faithfulness...

  • Be obedient to God's Word
  • Cling to God
    "Clinging to God is more than just singing songs, listening to a sermon or feeding the homeless. It’s an act of faithfulness, it’s the act of holding onto God when the pressure around us says let go." #DontLetGo
  • Love God more than you love anything else

God is faithful in both grace AND judgment.

"God shows his unfailing faithfulness in that he never lets his people go, but he pursues them even in their sins." #GodIsFaithful

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