Finding God Among the Screw-ups

December 7, 2014 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Finding God In Unexpected Places

Passage: Matthew 1:1–1:17

Title: Finding God Among the Screw-Ups
Text: Matthew 1:1-17
Description: Often times when we approach a genealogy in the bible, it's a passage we skip over.  Who wants to read a list of names that we can't pronounce?  As Matthew starts out his book, he starts out with the genealogy of Jesus that is anything but a boring list of names.  This genealogy has the ability to challenge you, comfort you, and change you. 


What Jesus’ genealogy teaches us

  1. The gospel is not good advice, it’s good news.
  2. Jesus is the promised Messiah.
  3. God uses screw-ups and sinners.
    -Tamar (v3)- Genesis 38
    -Rahab (v5)- Joshua 2
    -Bathsheba (v6)- 2 Samuel 11
    -Abraham (v2)- Genesis 12, 20
    -Jacob (v2)- Genesis 27
    -David (v6)- 2 Samuel 11
    -Solomon (v6)- 1 Kings 11:3
    -Rehoboam (v7)- 2 Chronicles 12:14
    -Abijah v7)- 1 Kings 15:3
    -Jehoram (v8)- 2 Chronicles 21
    -Manasseh (v10)- 2 Kings 21:11

Applications from Jesus Genealogy

  1. Your family or your past doesn’t define you.
  2. God can redeem any level of brokenness for good.
  3. Every person we meet is precious to God and can be used by Him.

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