Jesus Calms the Storm

February 22, 2015 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Jesus The King

Topic: Default Passage: Mark 4:35–4:41

Title: Jesus Calms the Storm
Text: Mark 4:35-41

-Storms are essential to personal and spiritual development (vs. 37)
-If God has power over the wind and sea-then there's nothing that God doesn't have power over! (vs. 39)

1. Is an exercise (vs. 40)
2. Is not a feeling or an impulse (vs. 40)
3. Comes from "considering" and thinking (Matthew 6:38-30)

-When faith is active-fear vanishes (vs. 40)
-Jesus did not abandon you in that ultimate storm on the cross-He certainly won't abandon you in the storms you are experiencing now.

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