Two Kinds of Wisdom

October 23, 2016 Speaker: Jason Webster Series: James: Faith Worth Living

Passage: James 3:13–18

Title: Two Kinds of Wisdom
Text: James 3:13-18


Earthly vs. Heavenly Wisdom

  • Knowledge = information
  • Wisdom = knowledge in motion; learning to apply what you know, or what you believe about what you know.

Earthly wisdom is corrupt.

  • Rooted from:
    The wisdom of man (we act on what we see)
    Unspiritual (lacking God's authority)
    Demonic (same used by the demons)
  • Results:
    False to the truth (God is the authority)
    Disorder (confusion)
    Every vile practice (we become the judge of right and wrong)

Heavenly wisdom is incorruptible.

  • "It's not about me!"
  • Know and follow the root source
    If God is the authority, then we are to follow Him
  • Harvest of righteousness = to love God and to love people
    Our mission: To Know Christ and Make Christ Known

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