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The Ruler of Kings and Presidents

November 13, 2016 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Stand Alone

Passage: Revelation 1:1–1:5

Sermon Title: Ruler over Kings and Presidents
Text: Revelation 1:1-5


America’s moral decline is not a political problem that can be solved with partisan politics. America’s moral decline is a spiritual problem that can only by solved with the gospel.


  • Ruler of kings on the earth
  • Places rulers in leadership
  • Gives us dual citizenship in God’s Kingdom and earthly kingdoms
  • No human government can advance or thwart the Kingdom of God.

How to live with dual citizenship:

  1. Respect earthly leaders and kingdoms
    Pray for leaders, obey leaders, pay taxes, seek to do good.
    We are primarily spiritual beings, not political beings.
  2. Show true hope to the world
    Social justice has always been the responsibility of the church, not the government
  3. Engage in our real battle
    We are not called to wage a culture war to ensure America is a Christian nation. We are called to bring sinful people to salvation through Jesus Christ.

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