The Lord's Prayer pt. 1

March 18, 2018 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Sermon on the Mount

Passage: Matthew 6:8–15

Title: The Lord’s Prayer pt. 1
Text: Matthew 6:8-15


Prayer is the key to contentment and joy

Effective prayer recognizes who God is, seeks his will, and displays our dependence and confidence in him.

Effective Prayer:
1) Recognizes who God is
          -Father, intensely personal, loving experience.
          -Hallowed: set apart as holy, reverent, worthy.
2) Seeks his will.
           -God’s Kingdom.
           -God’s will be done
3) Displays our dependence on Him
God the Father:
      -Loves unconditionally.
      -Always present and available.
      -Cares about the smallest details of your life.
      -Concerned about what’s best for you.
      -Believes in you.
      -Won’t leave you.

God is set apart as holy:
       -With our words.
       -With our Actions.

God’s Kingdom Come.
       -In the future, when God sets all things right.
       -In the present
                -Repent for seeking your Kingdom.
                -Commit yourselves to His Kingdom.
                -Make a difference in the world.

Praying your will be done might terrify us, but it ultimately delivers us from the reality of ourselves.

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