May 27, 2018 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Sermon on the Mount

Passage: Matthew 7:24–27

Title: Foundations
Text: Matthew 7:24-27


Putting God’s Word in action determines the strength of your life foundation.

Everyone is building something with your life.

Difference between the wise and the foolish man: Response to the Word of God.

Hearing and believing is not enough, we must act on and obey God’s Word.

“We are saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone” - Martin Luther.

It’s extremely dangerous to get close to the truth without actually having the truth.

The strength of your foundations is revealed during storms and trials in life.

Hearing and doing evaluation:

1                2               3                   4              5
Regressing                The same                      Growing

1) I am more spiritually dependent on God than on myself.
2) I am recognizing and mourning over my sin.
3) I am more gentle and self controlled.
4) I am more passionate about the things of God than the about the things of the world.
5) I am extending mercy to those in misery.
6) I am living without hidden motive, or self interest.
7) I am making situations around me better, not worse.
8) I am standing out for my faith.
9) Instead of hating, I am more forgiving.
10) Instead of lust, I am honoring my purity.
11) instead of deception, I am speaking the truth in love.
12) I am praying for God’s will more than my own will.
13) I am less materialistic and more generous.
14) I am worrying less and trusting God more for my needs.
15) I am judging people less and instead seeking their best interest.

The Sermon on the Mount isn’t about doing more, it’s about embracing the gospel and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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