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Title: Hope
Text: John 14:1-3


Hope: A confident expectation and desire for something good in the future.

“Hope in the future gives power in the present” John Maxwell.

Heaven isn’t an immaterial existence- it’s all of God’s creation healed and restored.

“In heaven, there will be no death, suffering, funeral home, abortion clinics, psychiatric wards, rape, missing children, drug rehab centers, bigotry. No muggings, killings, worry, depression, economic downturns, wars, unemployment, anguish over failure, miscommunication, con-men, door locks, mourning pain, no boredom, arthritis, handicaps. cancer, taxes, bills, computer crashes, crabgrass, bombs, drunkenness, septic tank backups, and mental illness” Randy Alcorn.

No matter what today holds, your future is incredibly bright.

The danger is becoming so earthly minded that we become no heavenly good.