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A Prayer of Desparation

October 20, 2019 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Holy Spirit

Passage: Habakkuk 3:2–3:2, Luke 11:11–11:13

Title: A Prayer of Desperation
Text: Habakukk 3:2; Luke 11:11-13


Conditions for revival:
 -Prayer (Hab. 3:2; Luke 11:11-13; 2 Chron. 7:14-15; Luke 3:21-22; Acts 1:14; Acts 4:31).
     -You become a great person of prayer when you become aware of two things: Your great need and God's great willingness.
     -Are we actually seeing evidence of God's power in our lives, church, community?
     -Your lack of a consistent prayer life isn't a self-discipline issue- it's a gospel issue.
     -"And everywhere it was a revival of prayer. There was no hysteria, no unusual disturbances. Just Prayer"-Fulton Street Revival.
     -"We come to realize at long last- it's not working. At least effectively to stop the tide (of Satan) and save our children [...] And we remember the promise that when the enemy comes like a flood- it is the Lord who will raise a standard against him [...] And so we throw ourselves upon the mercy of God. It's not so much an organized prayer emphasis as it is an act of desparation. And then, and only then, does the power of the Holy Spirit come flooding upon us and into us. And God does in that moment what our church can hardly accomplish in half a century" Marin Lloyd Jones.

The Holy Spirit's work (from John 14-16):
-Leads us
-Guides us
-Empowers the Church
-Comforts us
-Convicts about sin
-Reminds of truth
-Frees from the bondage of sin
-Manifests God's Power
-Guides to truth
-Makes home in the life of the Christian
-Testifies truth about Jesus
-Changes us
-Transforms us
-Keep us "in Christ"

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