Courage and Calling

March 1, 2020 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Judges

Passage: Judges 6:1–16

Title: Courage and Calling
Text: Judges 6:1-16


Regret: Sorrow over the consequences of sin.
Repentance: Sorrow over the sin itself and how it affects our relationship with God.

God doesn't call on Gideon because he was the most courageous, competent, or gifted- God makes Gideon courageous as a result of his call (Judges 6:13-17; 25-27; Rom. 4:3, 17).

Satan's voice vs. Holy Spirit's voice:
-Satan starts with our sin and beats us up for it.
-The Holy Spirit speaks a word of declaration of what God is making you in Jesus.

Insecurity: A place where the gospek hasn't taken root in your heart.

God doesn't call the bold- He emboldens the called.
God doesn't call the equipped- He equips the called.
God doesn't call the brave- He makes brave the called.