October 3, 2021 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Fruit of the Spirit

Passage: 1 Peter 1:3–1:12

Text: 1 Peter 1:3-12
Title: Joy

John Stott's Daily Prayer: 
"Holy Spirit, I pray that this day You will fill me with Yourself and cause Your fruit to ripen in my life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control." 

Joy: A positive attitude that is the result of complete trust that God is in control of our lives and the world around us. 

God's work on our behalf: 
Past: Caused us to be born again (1 Pet. 1:3). 
Past: Resurrection of Jesus (1 Pet. 1:3-4). 
Past: Old Testament prophets telling us about Jesus (1 Pet. 1:10-12). 
Present: God's power guarding us (1 Pet. 1:3-5). 
Future: The promise of our inheritance in Heaven (1 Pet. 1:3-4). 
Future: Enduring trials prove our faith and reward by God in Heaven (1 Pet. 1:6-7).

Joy can be experienced today when we live in light of Jesus' past, present, and future work on our behalf. 

"It was because they were a joyful people that the early Christians were able to conquer the world" - Stephen Neill. 

"I can say I never knew what joy was until I gave up pursuing happiness; and I never cared to live until I chose to die. For these two discoveries, I am eternally grateful to Jesus" - Malcolm Muggeridge. 

Jesus has given you everyting you need for joy. 


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