What's Wrong with the World

May 8, 2022 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: The Story

Passage: Genesis 3:1–24

Text: Genesis 3:1-24
Title: What's Wrong with the World. 

Key Observations from Genesis 3:
1) What's wrong in the world is sin.
2) Humanity doesn't respond well to sin.
3) Sin has devastating consequences.
    - Amplification of pain.
    - Relational conflict.
    - Futility.
    - Death.
    - Eternal loss of God's presence.
4) God promised Jesus to be the cure of sin and its consequences.

Genesis 3 is not a story about Adam and Eve, it's about you and I.

God's creation fell into chaos because of sin- but He gives hope through the promise of a redeemer.

Experiencing God's cure for sin:
1) Repent.
   - "If you expose your sin, Jesus will cover it. If you hide your sin, Jesus will expose it" - JD Greear.
2) Put your faith in Jesus.

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