Suffering and Sovereignty

May 29, 2022 Speaker: Jacob Hede Series: The Story

Passage: Job 1:1–22, Job 38:1–7

Text: Job 1:1-22; Job 38-39
Title: Suffering and Sovereignty

Setting the Stage: Job is a righteous and faithful man. 

Lessons from the Book of Job: 
1) God has a purpose for your suffering. 
2) God has power over all creation, including your suffering. 
3) God is present in your suffering. 
4) Job's suffering points to the ultimate suffering on the cross. 

God is present with us- redeeming our suffering with purpose and power through the cross of Jesus. 

Takeaways from the book of Job:
1) We can worship God through our suffering. 
     - Psalms of Lament: Psalm 10, 13, 38, 88, 130.
2) Don't suffer alone. 
3) We can trust God is working- even when we don't see Him.

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