The Tabernacle

June 26, 2022 Speaker: Zachary Elander Series: The Story

Passage: Exodus 40:1–38

Text: Exodus 40:1-38
Title: The Tabernacle

Important things we learn from Exodus 40: 
1) The Tabernacle was a holy dwelling place. 
2) The Tabernacle was designed for worship
3) The Tabernacle required obedient dedication. 

Jesus is the manifestation of the Tabernacle for us to worship and walk in His glory. 

Jesus came and tabernacled among us!

Jesus entered the Tabernacle as the true High Priest. 

1) Our bodies are the new temple. 
2) Allow the awe of being the new Temple of the Holy Spirit to bring us to a place of worship and obedience. 

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