Small Steps of Disobedience

July 10, 2022 Speaker: Jacob Hede Series: The Story

Passage: Judges 2:6–23

Text: Judges 2:6-23
Title: Small Steps of Disobedience

Small steps of disobedience lead us to turn away from God. 
Israel failed to conquer the land (Judges 1:21,27,29,30).
Israel failed to drive out the people (Judges 1:28).
Israel failed to keep their families holy (Judges 3:5-6). 

Disobedience results in God's anger. 
Sin doesn't start in our behavior, sin starts in our hearts. 

God allows us to suffer because of our disobedience. 

Despite our sin, God delivers through His grace. 

God allows us to suffer because of our disobedience but he also delivers us by his grace. 

"The relationship God wants us to enjoy with Him - and the only relationship which will avoid idolatry- is a passionate, personal relationship of love" - Timothy Keller. 

Obeying Jesus in our lives: 
1) Obedience begins with surrender. 
2) Direct your desires and delights toward Jesus. 
   - Make the Word of God a priority. 
   - Make prayer a priority. 
   - Make church a priority.

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