Jesus and the Old Testament

October 2, 2022 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: The Story

Passage: Matthew 5:17–20

Text: Matthew 5:17-20
Title: Jesus and the Old Testament

Jesus came to fulfill or complete the Scriptures. 

"When Jesus spoke of Scripture needing to be fulfilled, He was thinking the entire story line at last coming to fruition- of an entire world of hints and shadows coming to full light" NT Wright. 

How did Jesus fulfill Scripture?
1) He fulfilled all the commandments. 
2) He fulfilled all the prophecies. 
3) He fulfilled the true meaning of the law. 

A Christians connection to Scripture: obedience. 

Righteousness isn't measured by external behavior modification- but by the heart. 

We need righteousness that comes from beyond ourselves- through faith in Jesus. 

Jesus validates the OT because He fulfills it, leading us to a pure righteousness by faith in Him. 

1) Do you love and read and obey the Word of God? 
2) Is your confidence in your external religious devotion more than a heart seeking to know and follow after God. 

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