Living Sacrifice

November 13, 2022 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: The Story

Passage: Romans 12:1–2

Text: Romans 12:1-2
Title: Living Sacrifice

Living sacrifice: Surrendering every part of ourselves to God. 

Worship: How you show that something or someone is worthy of love and devotion.

Our minds are renewed by constantly coming back to the beauty of the gospel. 

A fully surrendered life is the expected response if you've experienced the mercies of God through the gospel. 

1) Have you surrendered your life as a living sacrifice to God? 
    - Worship is not a song you sing, it's a lifestyle you live showing God is worthy of everything. 
    - God is less concerned about the next steps of your life and more concerned about the posture of your heart. 
2) Are you renewing your mind with the depth of the gospel? 

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