The Advocate

May 26, 2024 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Micah

Passage: Micah 1:1–16

Text: Micah 1:1-16
Title: The Advocate

"The Lord of the Rings is fundamentally a religious work, unconscious so at first, but consciously in the revisions." -JRR Tolkien

Proclamation of impending judgment (V. 2-7). 

"The greatest danger- because it is such a subtle temptation which enables us to continue as church members and feel nothing is wrong- is not that we become atheists, but that we ask God to co-exist with idols in our hearts." - Tim Keller. 

God's grace is found through the advocate (Micah). 

Summary: Even in judgment, God's heart and love shine bright. 

1) Grieve sin. 
2) Praise God He sent an advocate. 

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