June 9, 2024 Speaker: Dan Brown Series: Stand Alone

Passage: Matthew 5:1–9

Text: Matthew 5:1-9
Title: Peacemakers

Shalom- translated peace, welfare, prosperity, safe health. Best defined as welfare, wholeness, human flourishing.

1) Set apart/consecrated.
2) Speak well of someone.
3) Happy or joyful.

When we live the holy/consecrated/set apart life Christ is calling us to, we can experience the happiness and contentment that God created us to enjoy.

Kingdom of Heaven: 
1) Disease will be gone.
2) Hunger eliminated.
3) No oppression.
4) No sadness.
5) Peace forever.
6) No pain.
7) God will rule and all will be as it should be.

Summary: Our calling as followers of Christ is to bring a bit of Shalom to earth every day.

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