In response to COVID-19, our Sunday gatherings have resumed at the Seasons Performance Hall at 10:30 am and are available ONLINE on Facebook. If you are in need of help, please contact us.

To make this transition to online easier, we've provided these 5 easy steps for you to get connected to Zoom.

1. Welcome to Zoom! There are two options to find your meeting:
       1) Click the Zoom link that your Life Group Leader (host) has sent you (email/text).
       2) Go to your internet browser and type in   A display window will appear. Here you can enter the unique meeting ID number. Then click "JOIN" and you're in!

If this is your first time using Zoom, follow along to point 2. If you have been on Zoom before, you may skip to point 4.

2. When you are joining Zoom for the first time, you will need to download the app.  This process is slightly different depending on what device you are using. Once downloaded, you can move onto point 3.
-Computer: When you download this file (, make sure you save the file to your desktop. These steps should be written on the screen as you wait for the download to complete.
-Smartphone: You can get zoom from either the App Store or the Google Play Store. To set up, follow the simple prompts from your device.

3. You will be asked how you would like to join your Audio (sound). Click "join audio via computer". 

4. If you are having trouble with hearing or seeing, make sure your volume and camera are switched/turned "on". You may also want to check whether you have muted your camera or microphone in point 5.3

5. Once in Zoom, there are some extra buttons that you can use to help everyone have a respectful time together (particularly as we cannot see body gestures when we are behind our screens).
     1) Raising Hands: This button allows your host to know when there is someone who would like to speak.
     2) Chat messenger: You can type to one another. Click this button and then select either everyone or the name of an individual who you want to type to.
     3) Sound and camera: These buttons with a red strike-through means either your audio or video is muted (or both). Simply click the icon to unmute yourself.