Where Does Maturity Come From?

November 23, 2014 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Next Steps

Topic: Default Passage: Ephesians 4:11–4:16

Title: Where Does Maturity Come From?
Text: Ephesians 4:11-16
Description: When God saves us, we become a new creation-a babe in Christ. But God doesn't desire that we stay in the infancy stage, he desires that we grow and mature so we can be used by Him and endure.  Listen as we look at Paul's teaching to see where maturity comes from.

Where does maturity come from?
1. Doing the work of the ministry (vs. 12)
2. Expanding knowlege of God (vs. 13)
a. A knowledge of God helps us see that the same grace that saved us also covers the sin we're in right now.  Instead of running from God, we are running to God.
3. Truth of God's word (vs. 15)

The mature help the church grow and be built up in love.

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