The Power of One

April 2, 2017 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: The Art of Neighboring

Passage: Acts 9:1–19

Sermon Title: The Power of One
Sermon Text: Acts 9:1-19

How to Make a Difference in God’s Kingdom:
1. Be a Disciple (v10)
      - A disciple is someone being conformed to the image of Christ in every area of life.
      - Our strength of usefulness lies in our
2. Be Willing (v10)
3. Be Authentic (v13-14)
      - God’s not afraid of your struggle or doubt. When you are authentic- He will meet you there.
4. Be convinced of God’s control and power (v15-16)

- Don’t underestimate your impact you can make on God’s Kingdom by investing in a single person.

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