I am Known

April 23, 2017 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: IDENTITY

Passage: Psalm 139:1–6

Message Title: I Am Known
Text: Psalm 139:1-6


I Am Known:

  1. I am known just as I am (verses 1-4)
    "Spiritual life begins with the acceptance of our wounded self.” -Brennan Manning
    Merism: figure of speech where two polar opposites used to indicate totality.
  2. God accepts me just as I am (verse 5)
    “Our courteous Lord does not want His servants to despair because they fall, often grievously. For our falling does not hinder Him loving us.” -Julian of Norwich
  3. God amazes me just as He is (verse 6)
    There’s no greater feeling than being completely known and still completely loved.



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