Lessons from a Recovering Sinner

July 11, 2021 Speaker: Jacob Hede Series: Summer in the Psalms

Passage: Psalm 32:1–11

Text: Psalm 32
Title: Lessons from a Recovering Sinner

Maskil (verb): to instruct or impart wisdom. 

The joy of a right relationship with God (Psa. 32:1-2)

The lack of joy because of unconfessed sin (Psa. 32:3-4). 

The joy of delivarance (Psa. 5-7). 
Confession (noun): agreeing with God about the nature of sin. 
"Consider what all this means. When we sin, we are encouraged to bring our mess to Jesus because He will know just how to receive us. He doesn't handle us roughly. He doesn't scowl and scold. He doesn't lash out like many of our parents did [...] He loves us in the way tha tis just what we need. He deals gently with us" - Dane Ortlund. 

Confession of sin leads to a joyful life in Christ. 

The joy of obedience (Psa. 32:8-9). 

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