October 31, 2021 Speaker: Jacob Hede Series: Fruit of the Spirit

Passage: Matthew 5:13–16

Text: Matthew 5:13-16
Title: Goodness

"Do small things with great love and that will change the world" - Mother Teresa. 

Goodness: Goodness is godliness. A righteous life shown through our conduct and character. 

1) Enhances the lives of people around me. 
2) Is a guide for others. 
    - "Light shines from people committed to compassion, justice, and practical care for the needy" - Christopher Wright. 
3) Is active in serving and loving others. 

True goodness is motivated to make God's name great, not my own. 

"The word 'good' in the language of Scripture literally means 'to be like God,' because He alone is the One who is perfectly good. It is one thing, however, to have high ethical standards but quite another for the Holy Spirit to produce the goodness that has its depths in the Godhead. Goodness goes far deeper. Goodness is love in action. It carries with it not only the idea of righteousness imputed, but righteousness demonstrated in everyday living by the Holy Spirit. it is doing good out of a good heart, to please God without expecting medals and rewards. Christ wants this kind of gooness to be the way of life for every Christian" - Billy Graham. 

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