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Rejection of the King

March 15, 2015 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Jesus The King

Topic: Default Passage: Mark 6:1–6:29

Title: Rejection of the King
Text: Mark 6:1-29

  • The people struggled reconciling what they knew about Jesus and the things they had heard and seen from Jesus.
  • The people rejected Jesus because of their past experiences and prejudices.
  • Chrisitans are those who admit thier moral inability to please God and rely on Jesus for thier relationship with God.

Jesus sends the disciples out:

  1. In community (vs. 7)
  2. Above reproach (vs. 8)
  3. As servants (vs. 13)
  • John the Baptist is an example of being a servant, yet speaking the truth in love.
  • King Herod is an example of how NOT to respond to rejection.
  • Herodias is an example of why Chrisitans will bring rejection.


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