April 15, 2018 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Sermon on the Mount

Passage: Matthew 6:19–24

Title: Treasure
Text: Matthew 6:19-24


Treasure: What you cherish, delight in, take fulfillment in, and protect.

4 Types of people regarding money:
    1) Righteous rich.
    2) Unrighteous rich.
    3) Righteous poor.
    4) Unrighteous poor.

The earth is warring against you and your stuff.

The great lie of society:
To be content, you need more of what you already have that hasn’t worked yet.

How to store up treasures in heaven:
Use your time, talent, and treasure to love God and love people.  

Money isn’t about math, it’s about worship.

The chief struggle between God and money: In what do you put your trust?

Treasure check:
    1) Has debt hindered you from being generous to the Kingdom of God?
    2) What’s your heart motivation for your career?
    3) Could a nonbeliever determine your heart belongs to God by how you use your resources?

Where to begin:
    1) When it comes to your finances, give to the Lord first.
    2) Look for ways to use your other earthly treasures for the glory of God.

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