Faith-Filled Obedience

July 3, 2022 Speaker: Jacob Hede Series: The Story

Passage: Joshua 3:1– 4:24

Text: Joshua 3:1-4:24
Title: Faith-Filled Obedience

Lessons from the Crossing of the Jordan
1) God will accomplish the impossible through obedience
2) The Lord promises deliverance through His presence
    - Deliverance from past situations.
    - Deliverance from present situations.
    - Deliverance from future situations. 
3) God gives us victory through faith-filled obedience
   - The greater the obstacles that faith encounters, the greater is the victory and assurance that comes from continuing to act in trust and obedience. 
4) The greatness of God is to be remembered and retold to others. 
   - God expects His children to make His name great in their homes. 
   - God expects His children to make His name great among the nations. 

Jesus accomplishes the impossible in our lives when we follow Him with faith-filled obedience. 

Takeaways from the crossing of the Jordan: 
1) Trust and obey what Jesus is calling you to do. 
2) Remember and retell what Jesus has done in your life. 

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