Cross of Redemption

October 16, 2022 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: The Story

Passage: Luke 23:32–43

Text: Luke 23:32-43
Title: Cross of Redemption

"All prophets foresaw on the cross what Jesus would become: the greatest murders, adulterer, thief, rebel, blasphemer there ever was. Our merciful Father sent His only Son into the world and said, 'Jesus you will be Peter the denier, Paul the persecutor, the blaspheming and cruel oppressor, David the adulterer, and Adam the sinner who ate the fruit in paradise'" - Martin Luther. 

Jesus didn't die just for you. He died INSTEAD of you. 

Marks of genuine faith: 
1) You want God for God, not just what He can do for you. 
2) Understand your guilt before God. 
3) Boldly requests the grace of God. 

Your response to the cross of Christ determines your eternity. 

1) Are you seeking Jesus to be Lord of your life, or just a gateway to something else? 
2) Have you cross the line to genuine faith in Jesus? 
3) Boldly ask to receive God's grace. 

Results of genuine faith: 
1) You are sure of your standing with God. 
2) You are not afraid of death. 
3) You have a new confidence in this life. 
    - I am a child of the King who is not moved by this world. For my God is with me and my God goes before me. I do not fear because I am His. 

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