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Be Strong

July 20, 2014 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Be Strong

Passage: Joshua 11:1–11:23

Title: Be Strong
Text: Joshua 11
Description:  Be Strong is the common theme we have seen all throughout the book of Joshua. But what does that mean and how do we do that? Listen as we identify 3 keys to Being Strong from Joshua 11.


  1. Trust the Sovereignty of God (v1-9; 20-23)
    - "The fear of man is the greatest enemy to worship of God."
    - "If we fear poverty- it leads us to worship money.  If we fear loneliness, it leads us to worship relationships.  The fear of disrespect leads men to abuse women.  Fear of not being loved leads women to tolerate abusive men.  The fear of losing influence and relationship with people leads people to lie.  The fear of dealing with pain leads many to eat or drink in excess or use drugs. 
    - "Sovereignty- God’s exercise of power over His creation."  Wayne Grudem
  2. Complete Devotion to God (v10-15)
    - "Joshua’s record is one that evidences his faithfulness to God’s Word, especially in chaotic situations when disobedience may appear to be a justifiable alternative."
  3. It's Always All About God (v16-19)
    - "It's Not about YOU!"

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