Prioritizing Unity

April 30, 2023 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 6:1–7

Text: Acts 6:1-7
Title: Prioritizing Unity

The greater issue and threat to the unity and stability of the church is when we get distracted from the main thing: to make disciples. 

The unity of the church and mission of God moves forward when the church prioritizes the Word of God, delegates ministry, and selflessly serves one another. 

1) Value the unity of the church. 
    - As much as possible, give the benefit of the doubt towards the motives of others. 
    - When you have a problem, go to the source. 
2) Value the main thing. 
3) Value God's structure for the church. 
    - "The love of the church is the church's most effect apologetic." - Francis Schaeffer

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