Invited INTO the Story

March 17, 2024 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 28:23–31

Text: Acts 28:23-31.
Title: Invited INTO the Story. 

The greatest ship that ever went to sea is now the greatest ship to come and see. 

The authority of the Bible is an authority of a love story, which we are invited to take part of. 

Summary: The book of Acts is an invitation to join the ongoing story of the power of Jesus to change the world. 

Living as a movement: 
1) Lives built on the upward characteristic of worship. 
    -"Quicken the conscience to the holiness of God. Feed the mind with the truth of God. Purge our imagination to the beauty of God. Open our heart to. the love og God. Devote our will to the purpose of God." William Temple
2) Lives built on the inward characteristic of caring for one another. 
3) Lives built on the outward characteristic of sharing the gospel. 

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