Anchors for the Storms

March 3, 2024 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 27:13–26, Acts 27:39–44

Text: Acts 27:13-26, 39-44
Title: Anchors for the Storms

Paul's Life:
1) Anchored in God's Presence.
2) Anchored in his relationship with God.
3) Anchored in the promises of God.
4) Anchored in faith in God.
     - Faith is an active trust in God.

Summary: An anchored life in God has hope and gives encouragement no matter the storm.

In the storm: Remember you are not alone. Take one simple step, look out for someone else.
Preparing for a storm: Know the promises of God; walk in and grow your relationship with God.
Coming out of a storm: Worship and praise God; find someone you can walk alongside.

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