When the Church is Great

May 7, 2023 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 4:32–35

Text: Acts 4:32-35
Title: When the Church is Great

What made the Early Church great? 
1) Their unity in the gospel. 
    - Unity: a diverse group of people pursuing a singular overarching purpose. 
2) Care

What was the result of the early church's unity and care?
1) Great power. 
2) Great grace.

The church is great (with God's great power and grace) when they are unified under the gospel and visibly caring for one another. 

Restoration's Core Values: 
1) We are a gospel people.
2) We belong together.
3) We love outrageously.
4) We are Biblically rooted. 
5) We celebrate progress over perfection. 

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