Saul's Story

June 11, 2023 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 9:1–19

Text: Acts 9:1-19
Title: Saul's Story

"The Bible is essentially a book of God-inspiring stories. Stories are how God chose to communicate His Word to human beings." - Rick Warren

6 Common Elements to the story of salvation:
1) Starts with us living blindly for the wrong things. 
2) God divinely initiates His work in our lives. 
3) You have a personal encounter with Jesus. 
4) You surrender to Jesus. 
5) You get connected to the body of Christ. 
6) Live your life for God's purpose. 

The story of Paul's salvation reveals the depth and power of God's grace and mercy.

1) No one is beyond saving. 
2) Never underestimate the impact we can have on others in the church. 
3) Have you experienced the story of salvation in your own life? 
4) Would you be bold in sharing your own story? 

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