When Actions Expose Our Heart

February 11, 2024 Speaker: Kevin Deyette Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 24:1–27

Text: Acts 24:1-27
Title: When Actions Expose Our Heart

Ananias' actions: Protect his own power and position. 

Paul's actions: Have a clear conscience before God and man

Felix's actions: Rather than stand for the truth, what is advantageous for me? 

Summary: Our actions and decisions reveal the depth of genuine faith in God. 

How to live with a clear conscience before God: 
1) Surrender to Scriptures and to the will of God. 
2) Willingness to repent. 
     - The world sees through our hypocrisy. 
3) Respond to God NOW. 
    - Today is God's day, tomorrow is the devil's day. 

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